One of the unique Japanese entertainment cultures ONLY seen in Japan.
Our system is fairly simple. Upon entering the store please let one of our staff know what type/personality of a lady you prefer.
The store staff will then carefully select the lady as your companion closest to your description and you will be seated in a sophisticated atmosphere.
Just enjoy talking with attractive ladies.
We will switch your companion within the hour, (normally twice) and you will be individually accompanied.
If you find a favorite, you can "SHIMEI(designate)" or "ENCHOU(extend time)" at extra charge. There is no doubt that you will healed by the "Omotenashi(hospitality)" mind of Japanese ladies.
Don't miss out a chance to experience fabulous Japanese entertainment culture "Kyabakura" that gone through unique development in Japan!

The following will be charged.

1. "Set price" basic hourly charge (additional charge is required to extend time)
2. "Shimei-ryou"(designation fee) will be cahrged when you designate particular lady staff.
※No designation fee will be charged if you don't
designate hostess. It's called "free".
3. Drink & Food price (only ordered)
※Drinks such as Whiskey, Brandy, Sho-chu are included in the service called "free bottle" for all customers.
4. Service charge and tax will be charged for fees above(1~3) Service charge and tax will apply.